LEAD: The school year can be heavy and hard. You need a circle of believer to surround you and keep you encouraged.

We'd love to equip you with tools to lead a small group at your school this school year. Our 10 week bible study sets you and your team up for success. Our real goal is to put you back to the word of God as your source of joy, peace and hope. 

ENCOURAGE: We are excited to host a Fall Bible study for Christian educators. This 10 week study is designed for you!

We will study the book of Psalms 90-100. Each we will dig into the word, reflect and encourage each other to live like Christ. 

HONOR: In 2019 we hosted our first ever Legacy Leadership Banquet. We honored 10 incredible educators who their service, love and dedication to the Lord. 

At this event Angela Carter was named our Legacy Leadership Teacher of the Year. 

PRAY: We believe that prayer is the success of all Christian educators. We are grateful that God allows us to approach His throne. Join us for our 2 Prayer months. August: we focus on the upcoming school year and in April we ask God to give us strength to make it til the end of the year. 

Our purpose becomes clear when we pray. We were created to worship designed for His way!